18 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday: the homeless apostrophe

I think Wordless Wednesday is a meme hosted somewhere, but I'm honestly not sure.  And as I'm having to post this via my telephone while I'm away in New Orleans (about which, more anon), I don't really have the time or the thumb technique to look up where, etc.

But I saw this photograph in a Shelf Awareness recently and it made me laugh, as apostrophes (and their proper uses) are causes dear to my heart.


  1. Ahahaha That's fantastic.

    Hope you're having fun in New Orleans. ;)

  2. I can think of a few stories I've read lately where the author should have fed the Homeless Apostropher — the writer would have gotten the better deal. :)

  3. Safe travels! Hilarious pic, too!

  4. Love this!

    So tired of seeing apostrophes being used in pural cases.

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