19 August 2011

Book Blogger Hop: Size Matters

Book Blogger Hop

It's been a relatively slow book blogging week for me.  I've been trying to get lost in a couple of good books but it hasn't been working.  I read a couple that were of moderate interest but nothing more.  So it's fun to join in the hop since I've not been reviewing.  This week's question, sponsored weekly by Crazy for Books provides another short answer for me. What is the LONGEST book you've ever read, excluding religious or spiritual texts?

Because I do not have the page count in front of me for the editions I read, I'm not sure which one of these wins, but since each book weighs in at over 1,000 pages, they're both contenders: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (according to iPage, a current one volume trade paperback is 1,231 pages)) and my one volume edition of The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien (which according to iPage is 1,178 pages).  Either way, it's close.  

What about you?  What's the longest work you've ever read? 


  1. I have an all in one edition of Lord of the Rings. It sits on my shelf unread because the thickness is so daunting :-P Glad to see you made it through.

    Jex @ Everything and Nothing

  2. I need to take a week and finally read Les Mis! Mine is a similar type of book!
    Karen @ Books Beside My Bed

  3. Hm, King would have to be mine. The Stand and Under the Dome both clock in at over 1,000 pages. Deliciously long reads! I can't wait until his new one comes out. I might have to take some vacation time to dive into that tome!

  4. Great book and movie, happy Friday!


  5. Les Miserables is such a long book... I've never finished it. I enjoyed the musical though.

  6. Most people would guess I’d write myself in the role of a hero in a fictional adventure of some kind. But that would be only partially correct. As is my norm, I throw a curve ball in my answer that makes perfect sense one you follow my logic. Follow me back to my blog at http://www.howardsherman.net and follow along the logic with me!

    Howard Sherman

  7. I'm pretty sure Outlander takes the prize for me. 1000+ page books just make me nervous.

  8. It was a loooong book! And my answer as well :)
    happy hop

  9. I think I can finish reading it! ;D

  10. I've never attempted either of those books, but good work getting through them!!

  11. I have read the Lords of the Rings Trilogy twice-liked it a lot-I want to Les Miserables this year-I read Hunchback not long ago and liked it a lot

  12. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  13. I think for me it was War and Peace. By the end of the first week both my wrists were killing me.

    And hey there Emiy, I DO work every day...so idyllic being in Maine, but I am not on vacation...although every day feels like one to me.



  14. I'm just about finished with my War & Peace read-along. It's definitely my ultimate chunkster so far...


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