04 December 2010

Book Challenges for 2011

Being relatively new to the bookblogging world, I've never signed up for any of the yearly challenges, but 2011 will change all of that for me.  The first challenge I'm signing up for is the South Asian Challange 2011, hosted by S. Krishna's Books, which I found through this weekend's blog hop.  I'm looking forward to rounding out my reading of some favorite authors like Thrity Umrigar and Amitav Ghosh as well as discovering some new ones.  And since the challenge this year encompasses travel literarure and cookbooks, too, it will be an experience all the more rich.

Thrity Umrigar came to our store in 2009 for her book, The Weight of Heaven, which I just loved--so much that I begged, cajoled, and bribed other readers on the committee to make her our First Editions Club selection that month.  Okay, so it didn't take a lot of begging, cajoling and bribing, as the book is amazing and tragic and beautiful, all wrapped up into one compelling read, and as soon as my fellow committee members read it, they all agreed that it was perfect for our FEC.  Thrity was as lovely as can be, giving a great reading followed by a provocative Q&A session,  promising that she would return to our store for her next book.  Thrity, we're going to hold you to that promise!

 I can pretty much guarantee that it will be one of her books that will launch my participation in this challenge--it's always nice to know that the authors you love to read are also monumentally terrific people!


  1. Hello!
    Interesting post...
    I love to read philosophic books...

  2. Ok, I came to your blog via your DH's comment on my blog about Ethel Pochocki. My husband and I burst into tears when we read his tribute to her. I sent a note out to her family members to read his words. They were heartbreakingly true. I'll miss her forever. What a hole she left in my heart.

    During the last visit to Ethel in the hospital she told me that she HAD to get better because, " Barry is going to illustrate my new collection of poems." She glowed when she said that.

    So now as a true lover of reading who is just starting to dampen her toes on something other than non-fiction and children's books, I will check your blog often. Thanks for the words. I need someone to guide me to great books because I don't want to waste time on the tripe.

    I too love Bill Bryson's scope and depth.

    I was just at a show and met a Penguin rep who led me to Erica Bauermeister's The School of Essential Ingredients." I am a gardener and a lover of spices and herbs and loved her book. Somewhat like a Harris' Chocolat.

    Enuf said. Back again soon and hug Barry for me.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  3. My first challenge (South Asia Challenge 2011) and I am very keen to introduce some Sri Lankan authors and also go beyond the popular south asian authors as well.


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