12 July 2010

How I spent my summer vacation, part VII

Beautiful Barnes Bay!

Anguilla Day 2

I wake up again feeling not-so-good. Curse and blast it! DH doesn’t want to go off and leave me on my own, so we hang around Caribella for most of the morning. Vandra comes in to clean but ends up visiting with us in the living room for a while. By late morning I feel a bit better and we head out to Crocus Bay and the beachbar at Davida. The setting was pleasant and the beach chairs were quite comfortable, but boy-oh-boy, that music was LOUD! And a little schizophrenic, as if the DJ didn’t quite have his act together. We’d get 30 seconds of one song, a minute of another, three minutes of complete silence, then abruptly start up again in the middle of another song. This went on for about an hour before it settled into a reasonable rhythm.

Very comfy beach chairs at Davida

For lunch we had one hamburger, one hot dog, iced tea, water, and a ginger ale, all of which were fine but nothing fabulous—certainly nothing that would make us return just for the food. We did end with the lime sorbet, though, which was so tart and refreshing that we were tempted to order a second helping. I can’t recall what our meal came to, but it was on the higher side, basically in line with Anguilla resort-y prices for the setting. We both really liked the setting at Davida but in the future we’d prefer to spend the day there when they don’t have music playing, or at least not a DJ. Live music might be better!

Two women on Crocus Bay; View looking out from Davida's beach bar/dining deck

We packed up at 2:30 because the music was too loud for conversation. We had no sooner reached our car then the bottom really fell out again and we had a complete downpour until we reached South Hill. We spent the rest of the day out on the balcony and walking the length of Barnes Bay in the light rain.

I love Lucy’s! We enjoyed our dinner at Lucy’s so much last year that we knew it would be a repeat for us this time around. Lucy herself is such a feisty, delightful character that we would go there just to visit with her, but the food is also great, not to mention the value. That night we basically had dinner AND a show—with our al fresco table, we could see the play of lightning all over the sky and let me tell you, it was intense! For dinner DH ordered the fish special of a snapper filet topped with garlic shrimp and I had the grilled crayfish. Both came with Lucy’s special sweet potatoes and other provision. Everything was delicious, but we barely ate half of our meal, the portions were so large! The two entrees plus a couple of Jack Daniels for DH and a shared large bottle water brought our bill to around US $100, plus additional tip.

Shots of DH and me, sans flash, at Lucy's

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  1. Beautiful place. Sounds like a pleasing day even if you weren't feeling 100%. I hope today is better.


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