11 July 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, part VI

Anguilla Day 1
 Stormy Weather…it was pretty glorious waking up to another storm.  Watching it from our balcony and feeling the mist blow on our faces is much more enjoyable in Anguilla than it was in Grenada.  Our beachfront location provides an ever-changing panorama of cloud and shadow and color, and we watch it utterly mesmerized.

We decide to break our fast at Straw Hat since we’re too late for getting any goodies at Geraud’s.  I get the continental breakfast with a side of bacon and DH orders pancakes with a side of sausage.  With two coffees and two orange juices, the total came to around US $35, plus additional tip.  The setting was splendid and my pastries were particularly good. 
 Deciding to explore Barnes Bay for the morning and afternoon, we head back home and set up the two umbrellas and chairs on the beach in front of our unit.  The beach is just the way we like it – practically deserted!  It’s still completely overcast, but after our week of rain in Grenada, we’re happy to have even that.  There are some families staying at the Viceroy villas closest to us, but they’re all pretty quiet.  One of the reasons I had held back when considering Caribella was the proximity to both Viceroy and Mango’s and being worried about noise, but those worries ended up being entirely unfounded, I’m happy to report. 

Our little set up at Barnes Bay
 We spend some lazy hours on the beach and then back up on our balcony once the rain resumes.  It doesn’t let up for quite a while, but right before sunset it clears up.  We’re set to meet Ann Phelan, who’s staying at the Viceroy, for sunset cocktails.  I have to admit, we were more than a bit prejudiced against the Viceroy before we even set foot there, but once we were on the property, we found many things to admire, in spite of ourselves.  Ann was great—just as entertaining and warm as her online personality—and we enjoyed our time with her in the lounge.  (NB: I ordered the grapefruit cocktail, which was supposed to be a grapefruit-infused rum with grapefruit juice.  While it was certainly refreshing, it was actually utterly indistinguishable from a mojito, right down to the muddled mint at the bottom.)

DH and Ann Phelan at the Sunset Lounge, Viceroy

DH at the Sunset Lounge

Beautiful location for a sunset
On our trip last year, DH’s favorite meal was at Mango’s, so it was no accident that this year we booked a villa right next door to it.  I really enjoyed Mango’s last year, too, but since I’m the designated driver, this year I especially appreciated being able to just walk home after dinner without worrying about imbibing too much!  This time around, DH ordered the lobster while I opted for the simple, grilled snapper.  Both were absolutely excellent and I would go so far as to say it was the best snapper preparation I’ve ever had.  Several glasses of white wine and an exquisite apple tart with homemade vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce rounded out our meal. 
 I have no idea how, but the owner remembered us from last year (maybe because my husband looks like Santa Claus?).  It’s definitely my husband’s favorite place for dinner on the island and my favorite place for seafood.  It also has a very pleasant staff, and I don’t know how the owner did it, but he greeted us as return customers after we arrived (we gave no indication when making the reservation).  My husband does look like Santa Claus, and there is a substantial age difference between us, so perhaps that is how he remembered us.  At any rate, it made us feel special and it contributed to the general feeling of good cheer.  We both really enjoy Mango’s and it will always be on our must-do list for Anguilla. 

Mango's, seen from the beach by daylight

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