20 December 2014

Secret Santa-ing: Part I

I may or may not have most of my Christmas shopping done (hint: I do not), but one thing that I don't procrastinate about is shopping for my Secret Santas.  I participated with two of them this year and they were the MOST FUN EVER to shop for.

The photo above shows what I sent to my recipient for The Broke & the Bookish's annual Secret Santa exchange.  I can post the photos here because that blogger doesn't know me or follow me and thus I am not spoiling any surprise for her.  In case you cannot tell from the photo, there are three books, one bar of chocolate, some maple candy that is locally made where I work, a Moleskine-esque notebook, and a book tote.  Also, the cutest holiday giftwrap in the world.  Pretty much nothing is cuter than owls wearing Santa hats and ear muffs.  Unless it would be hedgehogs, but that option wasn't available.

I cannot share photos of my other Secret Santa swap because she does know me (Virtually, anyway. Not IRL), and I'm pretty sure she hasn't received my package because she lives far away.  I may not have procrastinated with my purchases for this person, but I definitely dragged my feet on actually mailing it.  This, for whatever reason, is very difficult for me.

What I can show, however, is the package that I received from Shannon at Shannon's Book Bag last night when I got home from work.  She was my Secret Santa through Broke & Bookish, and she really came through for me.  The timing couldn't have been better.  Yesterday was the twelfth day in a row that I had to work, and it was also the day when I had my first truly abusive customer during this blessed retail season.  So coming home to a package of books and gummy candy really was enough to make me cry.  Thank you, Shannon, for making my day!

Three books that I've been wanting to read but haven't managed to purchase yet. A lenticular bookmark with a totally groovy pattern.  Piles of gummy candy.  (I actually consumed two bags of it before I remembered to take this photo.)  This is a seriously great haul.  Holiday retail aside, this just might be the most wonderful time of year after all!


  1. That's a heck of a secret santa gift you got there. THREE books?!

    This is the first Christmas season I haven't worked in retail for...10 years? It is a truly blissful experience so I'm trying to pay it forward by being 10,000 times nicer to every sales person I come across because I know that pain. Good luck with the final few days, hopefully you get only nice and shiny customers from now on.

    1. The Broke & the Bookish folks offer three levels of participation for their Secret Santa swap. I told 'em to sign me up for whatever level they needed, and I got matched at the highest level. So I sent lots o' books and then received lots o' books. good times!

      Being extra nice to sales people: i'm sure they appreciate it! I know I sure do, this time of year. And that one nasty pill has been the only one so far, knock on wood.

  2. Look at you! With all your secret santa-ing.

    I'm sorry about the mega-jerkface abusive customer. Hopefully that was the only one you'll have to deal with. Get it all over in one go and then, like Kayleigh said, everyone else is lovely and cheerful.

    1. She *was* the only one. At least so far. Today I had a rather persnickety one, but she was civil and at least aware that she was being a little more particular than our usual customer.

      Secret Santa-ing is the BEST!


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