25 June 2013

Anguilla: Rendezvous Bay & Other Adventures

Meads Bay, seen from Ocean Echo
I've compressed two days' worth of adventures here--largely because I forgot to write up our visit to Ocean Echo in my last post.  Not because it was a forgettable time, but because I forgot to take notes and I've been blogging in a hurry to make much of time.

Interior of Ocean Echo, looking back from our table at sand's edge.
The main reason that we stopped in here for lunch was because we heard that Andrea from Mango's worked there for lunch and we think she's great.  The place was pretty quiet--there was only one other table during our visit--but I cannot understand why. The menu was extensive and reasonably priced for lunch, the view was lovely, and the surroundings were serene.  It's a really nice place, but those folks walking the beach seemed to pass it right by on their way to Blanchards Beach Shack (a place I also like, but they're too different to really compare).

At Ocean Echo
We eventually settled on the club sandwich with egg (DH) and the fish burger (me) and tucked in, along with our iced teas. Both were excellent and of ample proportion:

After we finished eating, we asked Andrea if she had time to chat for a bit, so she regaled us with stories: about herself, her family, the island, and back in the days when she'd go to Bermuda for the summers to work during their high season.  She reads a lot, too, so we talked about books, which naturally makes my heart glad.

On Sunday we decided to have breakfast at Geraud's.  Since they open later on Sundays, we figured that getting there an hour after opening could still net us the choicest pastries.  We were wrong!  That's okay, though, as we decided to order off of their chalkboard menu.   I was feeling quite peckish, so I ordered the breakfast BLT with guacamole and DH ordered some poached eggs and English muffins, and we both ordered an iced decaf latte. His was about what we expected, but my order was huge!  At half its size, it would have been a good value at $6.50 (US), but now I had some leftovers to take home with me. It was really excellent, too. We sat and lingered there over our books and food for about an hour before packing up for the beach.
The shady oasis at Geraud's
Our iced lattes, complete with cup of extra ice for the heat--a very nice touch!
My breakfast BLT.  Look at those tomatoes!
We'd decided to spend the afternoon at Rendezvous Bay, a beach which didn't enthrall me on our first visit, but which has decidedly grown on me.  I'd love to stay there one day, but the kind of accommodations we like in a price bracket we're prepared to pay simply do not exist there at this time. We took our beach chairs, courtesy of Caribella, and set up under the palms in front of Anguilla Great House.  It was very breezy and comfortable there and I got a good chunk read in my book before a large catamaran from St. Martin motored in and brought everybody ashore. DH and I exchanged groans and contemplated moving our chairs, but they weren't the loud, boorish group that we'd been gritting our teeth against, so we stayed put for another couple of hours.
Looking east on Rendezvouz

Looking west on Rendezvous

Around 3:00 we packed up and drove to The Place, farther up the beach. Yes, we could have walked, but we couldn't tell from our spot in front of Anguilla Great House whether they were open or not, and we didn't want to waste time walk in the heat if were just going to have to turn around and head back to our chairs. We could see the yellow umbrellas and chairs set out on the beach, but since none of the umbrellas were open and we didn't see any people walking down to the water from there, we couldn't tell.

DH posing with the menu
Well, let me just say that after only one visit, I can safely make the claim that The Place might turn out to be my favorite spot on the island for spending an afternoon. Ample shade, good breeze, a simply gorgeous stretch of beach with beautiful views to St. Martin, comfortable chairs, and even a daybed or two. I was smitten.  I'm sure it had nothing at all to do with the charming and handsome Dave, who took great care of us that day.

My splendid banana drink
 We weren't at all hungry after our hearty breakfast at Geraud's, but boy, oh boy, were we ever thirsty. When I told him that I'd like something cold, rummy, and not too sweet, Dave created a rather refreshing frozen banana daiquiri with nothing but real banana, rum, Cointreau, and lime juice. One clearly wasn't enough, but the third one might have been a mistake, and it required DH to drive home.

Plenty o' shade
A group of five friends vacationing on St. Maarten arrived not long after we got our first drinks, so we chatted with them for a while.  They thought Anguilla was beautiful and were having a grand time on their day trip, but they concluded that Anguilla might not be the best fit for them for a longer vacation.
Next time we go to The Place, we're sitting right here!
I wandered around and made a few photographs, then went for a brief swim before heading out. I was disappointed to learn that during the slow season that The Place is closed Mon, Tues, and Wed, so now I will have to wait a few more days to go back.  

Coming up next: book reviews, trip to Picante, Shoal Bay East, and possibly a visit to AARF.

Beach in front of The Place, looking east


  1. I approve of EVERYTHING at Ocean Echo, and I want a banana daiquiri right now.

    ...so I'll be your companion bard then, right? Very good.

    1. Yes. Yes, you will. But only if you will also sing one of the tunes from your zombie musical.

  2. So wonderful to see Andrea! She is reason enough for us to go back to Ocean Echo. And The Place is now added to my list for the future. A bar that mixes fresh fruit into their drinks instead of the Oasis-brand mixers? Sign me up!
    We spent our first lunch on Rendezvous last trip at Garvey's Sunshine shack, that beach was more beautiful than I remembered. Love your pictures. Have fun and thanks for taking us all along with you.

    1. Isn't Andrea a hoot? I'm with you on the Island Oasis mixers--I'm generally not a fan (except for the passionfruit), so I had to verify with Dave that it wasn't a mixer, only fresh fruit.

      Rendezvous is really growing on me.

  3. Emily, as usual I am really enjoying reading your trip reports and loving the pics too!

    Rendezvous Bay is our favourite beach and we are looking forward to chillin out at The Place - it wasn't open yet when were there at the beginning of December. It's great to hear that you found a new spot to laze on. Can't wait to try a banana daiquiri :)

    Cheers - Roxanne

    1. Look forward to reading more of your impressions once you're back on the island.

      I may be won over as a Rendezvous girl before this trip is over.

  4. Oh Em, I just lovely hearing and seeing your accounts of your trip! It makes me so nostalgic of being there *with* you!!! Rendezvous sounds ah-may-zing.... can't wait to keep reading! Big hugs to you both. :-)

  5. I just returned from my trip in May and The Place turned out by my favorite spot. I ended up there 4-5 times during my 2 weeks trip spending afternoons reading on the day beds. Dave and Mo are fantastic.
    One afternoon I was the only one there. They closed up for the day but let me stay in my cozy spot for the rest of the afternoon. I will definitely be returning.

  6. Dear Emily:
    That lunch at OE looks fabulous – Andrea is so much fun. Last time I saw her at OE I was walking the beach and she was up on the deck frantically waving me up. I ran up there (I was in my suit and there were patrons in the restaurant) but she wanted to tell me that she honked at me the day before and I did not wave back! LOL!! I get honked at all the time down there and think I am doing something wrong, I never dreamed it was someone saying hi! Give her a hug from me if you see her again!
    We really enjoyed The Place in April, what a great bunch they have working there, Mo, Dave are from Smokey's and Shaquita also works at Cap J. They are all so friendly and nice. It was great, food, service and setting were all wonderful.
    You will have to give us the scoop on Sandbar, if you go, would love to know where they are going!
    Your reports are outstanding, so well written and newsy, I feel as if I am there.
    Thank you so much for your time Emily.

  7. Emily,
    I do love reading your blog and seeing the wonderful photos. Thanks so much for taking the time. It does make us feel like we are there.

    We, too, love Ocean Echo and hope the find a way to get folks off the beach and into their place--maybe a sign and some steps up from the beach? Their Rum Punch is the best on the island IMHO.

    One hates to wish their life away, especially as DH and I think the days go like minutes, but we so look forward to our weeks on AXA. Your Blog helps make me feel like I'm there!

    Any trips to Brandywine Museum in your future? Do let us all know so we can meet you in person

    Happy Anniversary.



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