02 April 2012

Who's your daddy? Rachel's my daddy, sir!

Rachel Maddow (photo credit: S. Etelman)
 This blog post title is taken from the friend of a friend at a military school a number of years ago.  There were different squads, and the commanders of the various quads would make the plebes respond to various questions.  When seniors of the Charlie squad asked their plebes, "Who's your daddy?" the response (including a salute) had to be, "Charlie's my daddy, sir!" Since our entire audience was in thrall to Rachel Maddow on Saturday night, and she was there to discuss her book Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power, this title seemed quite appropriate.

Odyssey Staff with Rachel (photo credit: J Weissman)
Anyway, my own little bookstore, Odyssey Bookshop, played host to Rachel Maddow, in conjunction with the Five College Women's Studies Research Center, held at Chapin Auditorium on the campus of Mount Holyoke College. She performed to a sold-out audience of just over 1100 folks and she was, quite simply amazing.  I've rarely encountered a person who is so bright, so witty, and so able to engage in substantive discussion during a Q&A.  Ms. Maddow is also something of a native daughter to western Massachusetts, and most of the audience were looking upon her with a mix of pride and adoration, with not a few folks with more amorous attentions in mind.  I'm pretty sure that the audience members submitted multiple marriage proposals to her.  I won't name names, but there's at least one staff member who might be among them.

Flowers, candy, marriage proposals: All these were collected from fans on Saturday night


  1. Wow! Looks like it was a great evening. I would love to read Rachel Maddow's new book.


    I hadn't even THOUGHT of proposing. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Anne, it was a great evening on every level.

    Alice, *somebody* had to keep you from snapping up all the good ones. ;)

  4. AHHHHHHHH, LUCKY YOU!! I am jealous. I did listen to her Fresh Air interview on NPR. Talk about substantive. She is as brilliant as they come and can certainly hold her own in a debate.

    Wish I had been a fly-on-the-wall.



  5. THAT IS FANTASTIC! Who doesn't love Rachel Maddow - I am a hetero woman fast approaching 60 and I've got a crush on her. Smart. Super funny. And sassssssy! So did she say 'yes' to anyone?

  6. If she hadn't been running late for dinner, I most certainly would have proposed, and I'm sure she would have said yes. Absolutely. Positively. No question.

  7. Happy for all you western MA folks, also a tad jealous. Off to look up Rachel Maddow's tour dates to see if/when she'll be anywhere near the Fourth Corner...
    Is her book a reflection of her characteristic brilliance and wit?


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