13 March 2012

Calling All Kindred Spirits: Anne of Green Gables Week

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

Last night when I got home from work, I was a little too wired to settle down with my book, so I did the next best thing: I settled down with my computer to browse book blogs.  That was when I ran across a new-to-me blog called Yet Another Period Drama, who happens to be hosting Anne of Green Gables Week in honor of Anne Shirley's 146th birthday. 

She has a fun little Q&A to answer this week (technically it must have been yesterday's question, but that's okay, I reckon):

1. How many of the Anne books have you read, and how many of the films have you seen? I have read the first book more times than I can count, books 2 and 3 probably more than a dozen times, book 4 maybe half a dozen times, book 5 just twice, and the others not at all.  I lost interest after Anne's House of Dreams. I never watched the last Anne movie which apparently wildly deviates from the books, but I LOVE the other Anne adaptations and watch them regularly.

2. If someone yanked your hair and called you Carrots, what would you do to him? Well, I wouldn't look kindly on the yanked hair bit, but "Carrots" has never seemed like a particularly bad insult to me, so I probably would have laughed and made fun of his lack of imagination.

3. What would you do if Josie Pye dared you to walk the ridgepole of a roof?  Hard to say, because I did have a rivalry like Anne's and Josie's, but I don't think I ever would have done something life-risking to prove myself like that.

4. If you had the opportunity to play any AGG character, which role would you choose?  Well, I think Rachel Lynde would be fun to play, as would Josephine Barry, because each one has a bit of an edge to her.

5. If you were marooned on a desert island, which AGG character would you want to have as a companion? (Can't choose any of the three main characters).  This one is harder.  I might choose Miss Lavender or Mr. Harrison or Matthew.

6. If there were going to be a new film adaptation of the AGG books, and you could have any part in making the movie, what would you choose? Gah, it's not like I have a talent for acting or directing or makeup or lighting, etc.  I guess I'd choose to be a language consultant because I cringe every time I hear a grammatically incorrect piece or anachronistic dialogue.

7. What are, in your opinion, the funniest moments in the AGG books and films? Choose one each.  There are too many to choose easily!  But I love Anne's solemn pronouncements when she's young: her life being a perfect cemetery of buried hopes.  And her desire for a bosom friend. And when she asks Diana for a lock of her jet-black tresses. 

8. What are, in your opinion, the saddest book/movie scenes?  Well. when Matthew dies is an obvious one, but I cry at lots of moments in the movie that aren't necessarily sad, like when Anne gets her puffed sleeves for the first time.

9. Which secondary AGG character would you most like to spend an afternoon with?  I think probably Marilla. 

10. What is your definition of a kindred spirit?  For me, it's a person who loves and is moved by the same things that I am and has similar outlooks on life. In my case, that usually means a shared sense of humor and a love of the same books.


  1. Do you know - I have never read Anne of Green Gables. Is that the most ridiculous admission ever?

  2. I must admit this is one series that I've seen every adaptation of multiple times but haven't read the books. Shameful, I know. I spent many an afternoon as a kid wishing I was Anne and able to wander around such beautiful countryside.

  3. Love this post! I have read all of the AGG books and loved them all. Your answers are great- Miss Lavender is one of my favorite characters.

  4. Love them! I have lost count on how many. My oldest is named after Matthew. I thought if I could raise a son that was as nice as Matthew, I would have it made. I love every book but super love the last few the most. I wish I could participate more in Anne week.

  5. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! This is a new-to-me blog as well and I've had fun reading the posts there all week.


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