20 March 2011

Giveaway Promotion: One Hundred Followers or Bust!

My blog passed a personal milestone this week when it received its 75th follower.  It's kind of funny.  You know, my mom and my husband are my blog's biggest fans, but neither one is a follower.  My two best friends from high school are readers but not followers.  Based on the stats that I obsessively regularly check, it seems that they are not alone: each week I have more hits than I have followers.  Many of whom, interestingly enough, hail from Latvia.  So, if you read this post and you're not already following me in an official capacity, please consider signing up to do so.  When this blog reaches 100 followers, I will host not just a regular giveaway, but a custom-tailored giveaway.  I work at the Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA, USA, and we host a pretty incredible array of author events.  So once I reach my goal, I will do a random drawing of all of the blog followers and that person will be allowed to choose a copy of any signed book we have in stock, which I will then purchase and ship (at my expense, not the store's, I hasten to add).  Offer open to all followers who live in countries where the shipping charge will not exceed the cover price of the book!

Do your tastes run to modern literary fiction?  How about Teju Cole's Open City, Dinaw Mengestu's How To Read the Air, or Tea Obreht's The Tiger's Wife?

Do you like YA or children's books?  How do Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Erin Hunter,  Kim Harrison, Mo Willems, Norton Juster, Patricia MacLachlan, Barry Moser, Jane Yolen, Rich Michelson, or Jeanne Birdsall sound to you?

Do you like reading debut authors for that sense of discovery? Try Hannah Pittard, Nina Revoyr, Michael David Lukas on for size.

What about nonfiction: We have Joseph Ellis, Andre Dubus III, Mira Bartok, to name a few who have been earning recent accolades.

We also have a terrific array of extremely popular fiction writers whose works dominate both the IndieBound and the New York Times bestseller lists, like Jodi Picoult, Deborah Harkness, Alice Hoffman, John Grisham, and Alexander McCall Smith.  Any of those names ring a bell?

To be frank, if we don't have signed copies of a book you'd be excited to have, you shouldn't be following a blog about books anyway.  Unless you're here to read only the travel portions of the blog.  But even then I'd have to bet that I could hook you up with something of interest!


  1. Congrats on 75 and here's hoping 100 follows closely behind! My husband doesn't follow, nor some of my friends who I know read my blog. I think it's the whole needing a google account...I don't know. But I'm here!

  2. Thanks, Robyn! And congrats on your recent follower milestone as well. :)

  3. oh dang it, I hope that this saliva dribbling all over my keyboard doesn't foul things up.


    S (a bonafide and happy about it, FOLLOWER)

  4. Just added myself as a Follower! It is a toss up - given the choice of going to a well stocked quilt shop, a greenhouse or a bookstore...can you have 3 first-loves?? But the love of reading has made the other pursuits possible...
    Have my eyes locked on "First Family."

  5. Thanks, Sharon and Taylorsoutback. I'll keep my fingers crossed for y'all.

  6. After all your great comments on my posts, I can't believe I only just started following you! I have been checking back regularly, though, so I was one of those namely visitors in your stats (not from Latvia, though).
    Cool giveaway idea! I'm sure you'll hit 100 soon. :)

  7. You're at 89 as I type. I could have my husband and sons follow you. I stood over them while they set up their google accounts so they could follow mine. Most of the time they can't remember how to get back into the google account to comment on my blog but that's another issue to be dealt with at a later date. I'm glad I follow. I love your blog.

  8. Bookbelle, you're very sweet and quite funny! You know, my husband STILL isn't a follower, but my mom asked me to create a Google account for her to help me reach my goal. I figure I'll sign both of them up after I reach 100 other, legitimate followers.

  9. I'll follow yours if you'll follow mine. ;)

    And maybe we can discuss why Open City didn't make the finalists for the National Book Award.

    Here is my blog entry. Cheers!


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