28 November 2010

And the versatile blogger award goes to...

Alexandria and Moira from the incomparably-named Brazen Broads Book Bash Blog have recognized my book & travel blog with the Versatile Blogger Award.  How nifty is that?!  I didn't really start blogging in earnest until summer '10, and it's so much fun--all the more so to realize that other people out there unrelated to me by blood or marriage might be reading it!

Here are the rules to the award: 

1.  Share 7 things about ourselves.

2.  Pass the award on to 10 bloggers recently discovered.

3.  Notify the blogger recipients.

4.  Link to the blogger who gave us the award.

Seven Things About Me:

1.  I was born in Wisconsin but raised in Mississippi
2. Much like Albus Dumbledore, socks are some of my favorite gifts to receive.
3. Dogs are in my heart, but cats have bewitched my soul.
4. Plaid flannel just might be the fabric of the gods.
5. I did not change my last name when I got married.
6. If I could spend half my time anywhere else in the world, it would be the Caribbean.  Anguilla or Grenada if you made me choose a specific island.
7. A good rum punch is hard to find.

The Ten Bloggers I Award This To:

1.  Wildly Read
2.  A Reading Odyssey
3.  Bank Square Books
4.  Lemuria Blog
5. Bookend Crossing
6.  Everything Distils...
7.  Levonne's Pretty Pics
8.  Shiroccan Adventures

And because I'm still relatively new to the following process, I don't have any more blogs that I follow that haven't already received this same award.  Hopefully that will change quickly, the more I participate in various hops.  So for good measure I'm just going to list one more time the good folks who passed this one on to me:

9. Brazen Broads Book Bash

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thanks Emily!

    Alexandria and Moira

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Amin!

  3. Thanks Emily for naming my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. I'll participate too.

  4. Hi Emily, you asked on E-volving books if there is a difference in the book jacket experience when reading the ebook version on my kindle:

    Yes, all the covers are black and white, so I tend to really quick hit Next until I get to Page 1.
    The second thing is, I would Never go back to the cover while reading on the Kindle..but of course, when you have the paper book, you keep seeing the cover as the book is lying around the house waiting to be read.


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