10 September 2010

I did! I did taw a puddy-tat!

In other words, it really *was* Andrew Zimmern from the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods show whom I saw last year on summer vacation (see here for the original reference).

I'm sitting at home recovering from a long, hard week at work (mostly 10-12 hour days, mostly on my feet, mostly saying the same thing--over and over--to Mount Holyoke College students who flock to the Odyssey to buy their textbooks).  Despite my poor, tired feet at the end of each day, I really do enjoy the energy that the students bring with them, at textbook rush and throughout the year.
From the Travel Channel website: Andrew Zimmern

But I digress...as I was saying, I'm sittin' my lazy bum down at home, rotating through a delicious cycle of napping, reading, websurfing, sipping tea, cuddling with my cats, giving woogies to my dog, and watching the Travel Channel.  At this very moment I'm watching Andrew Zimmern eat his way through Puerto Rico, and as it turns out, I actually DID see him when I was there last June. DH and I were touring El Morro fort when, looking down from the ramparts, I could have sworn that I saw him on the lower level, attended by a camera crew.  By the time I dragged my husband away from taking pictures of the big breakers, the crew had disappeared and he didn't believe me.

Seeing all of this wonderful Puertoriqueno scenery and food is fueling both my hunger and wanderlust--is it time for lunch yet?  To hell with lunch, what about my next vacation?  Yummmmmm...mafongo, tritterie fritters, tostones, and corn ice cream!  And the less Bizarre foods of Puerto Rico are good, too--coconut flan, coconut shrimp, coconut water, coconut ice cream, coconut egg nog, pina coladas.  (Are you picking up on a theme yet? Is it too early to start imbibing?  Nah!)

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