11 January 2014

Mini Readathon Wrap-Up

Hi, everybody!  *waves to fellow participants*

I really feel that today's mini readathon was a success, if by success, one means a good bit of reading, some snacking, and a really excellent nap in between.  Which I do. How 'bout y'all?

I had some excellent feline, canine, and human companionship.  I got some quality reading in. I started three books (All Our Names; boy, snow, bird; and Pippi Goes On Board), and I finished one (Pippi).  I ate some cheese, chocolate-covered ginger, and some unscheduled pineapple licorice (which were cut into small strips, so still in keeping with today's theme). I drank a lot of water and one large grapefruit margarita (to keep scurvey at bay). I took about an hour long nap during the second course of the readathon. AND I communed with some fabulous bloggers. I also held off on joining Twitter, though I almost gave in a couple of times because I knew the rest of the participants would be having a gay old time.

All in all, not a shabby way to spend a day.  Why can't we do this all the time? Why do I have a hangup about joining Twitter?

Cheers to Tika, for sponsoring this utterly fabulous miniature readathon.  I hearby propose that you host such readathons on a quarterly basis.

Now I'm off to eat some dinner--my husband is indulging me by serving breakfast-for-dinner, and Alley's silver dollar pancakes inspired me so much today that that's what we're having.

How 'bout y'all?  What did you read today?  Was it good?  More importantly, how were the snacks? 


  1. Pineapple licorice. Just. I. Wow. That sounds fantastic.

    Minireadathons every weekend. Yes.

  2. I saw the pineapple licorice at the store last week and figured it would either be excellent or nasty, and it was a bit of both, but oddly satisfying to chew on whilst reading.

  3. Perhaps your reluctance to join Twitter has som'at to do with how it TAKES OVER YOUR EVERY WAKING THOUGHT. Just a little. But I still love it for being a gathering place for likeminded people. There are un-likeminded people, too, of course, but we have tools for ignoring them. Maybe one day you'll cave, but until that day, we have various other Internet locations in which to find you.

  4. Yes! Quarterly! A good schedule indeed!

    For serious, the 24 hour one is too long and even 12 is kind of ehhhhh I don't know about this, but EIGHT. Eight is so doable. And no one gets burnt out and sigh. The best.

    Also I tweeted this about your post! https://twitter.com/alice_sings/status/422108340198453248

  5. Hooray for brinner! I'm glad to I could inspire your dinner and I hope they were delicious!

  6. A mini readathon sounds like a great idea! I will be interested to see what you think of the Oyeyemi book. I really liked Mr. Fox.


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