06 September 2011

Literary Tees: Look Good and Do Good, All at Once

Usually I cannibalize my personal blog to find tidbits to post on my store blog, A Reading Odyssey, but this time it's the other way 'round.  What follows is a post I wrote up yesterday for the store blog, but I'm sure many of my fellow bloggers and blog-readers would be interested in these great t-shirts, too!

 So... if you're a local Odyssey shopper, you've probably noticed that the long lines and high-energy buzz that come with textbook rush have returned.  That's right--it's back to school time for Mount Holyoke College!

Which also means it's that time of year when we introduce new product lines into the store.  And the one I'm most excited about right now is from the Out of Print Clothing Company.  They have created a line of t-shirts that feature the original dust jacket of many works of classic literature, both new and old.  And what's more, for every t-shirt that our store sells, the company will donate a book to a community in need.  So you get to look great and feel great, all in one!  I'm already the proud owner of the lovely Pride & Prejudice tee (don't you love the peacock?) and I'm pretty sure that A Clockwork Orange will be making its way to my house soon, too.  Another cool thing is that most designs come in both men's and women's sizing, so if you like a slim silhouette for your tees, we've got you covered.

See a design you like but we don't carry yet?  Leave a comment here or post on our Facebook page and the next time we order, we'll try to get it.

And if you're a reader or follower of As the Crowe Flies, I'd love to take an informal survey and ask you which designs from this company do *you* think are the best?  Which ones should we carry at our store? 


  1. Oooh nifty.

    I like the P&P one a lot...most of them are too cliche (which, I know, makes them more likely to sell) for me to buy as an 'I like books' kind of statement...I do like the Tales of the Jazz Age one, and the non-blue Great Gatsby. And The Origin of the Species, but I feel like if I wore it, people'd think I was trying to take some stance on evolution or something, to which I say bah! I take no stances!...on important things.

  2. My friend has had the Pride and Prejudice hoody shipped here to the UK. I'd meant to look up the site but forgot, thanks for the reminder :)

  3. I just bought a Great Gatsby one a few days ago and am so excited for it to come! I would love to see a t-shirt for All the King's Men.

  4. I think The Bell Jar and 1984. If you had those, I would buy them from you.

  5. OMG, want! I actually had an upcoming post about this same company scheduled... I love their stuff. It's all taken from old book covers right? Some of the designs are really iconic, but I like the less well-known ones like P&P.

  6. I'm putting the P & P t-shirt on my Christmas list. I think the t-shirts that look less like book covers would probably sell best among hip college students who want to look intelligent without trying too hard to look like they're trying to look intelligent. Wow, that's confusing.

  7. Hi. I love the design of your blog. I don't wear other authors on my chest but there are (and will most likely always be) those who do. On a woman, "V" neck styles or turtle necks look best, depending on the season.


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