08 May 2011

Blog in Place: What's the Best Place You Lost Your Way?

 My friend Robyn over at You Think Too Much, has started a new blog hop called Blog in Place.  She is very much a place-ist (a person who is very place-centric) and this forum will provide a way for other place-ists to get together and share their love of place.  This week's question asks us what is the best place we've ever gotten lost...

Now it seems like I've got a one track mind lately, with all of my Caribbean chat.  I've got my annual vacation coming up in about a month and sometimes it's all I can think about 'cause I will have an unprecedented two weeks in Anguilla!  It's pretty easy to get lost on most islands in the Caribbean for a couple of reasons: (1) the little road maps that come with the rental car usually say in the upper corner, "Not to be used for navigational purposes," and  (2) most roads do not actually have road signs on them, and (3) even if there are road signs, most locals know the road as a different name altogether. But never fear!  Most islands in the Caribbean are ideal for getting lost, because whatever road you're on will end up someplace interesting, whether it's a beach, a waterfall, a farm, or a group of locals gathered around a rum shack.  In fact, you might end up someplace more interesting than your original destination.

One example I can think of (and illustrate, which is always better!) is when we were driving around Grenada last June.  We were trying to reach Belmont Estate, (a really fabulous eco-agro farm that grows cacao & various fruits and produces goat milk & goat cheese) which is way up in de country, as they say.  It was pouring down rain and easy to miss a turnoff even if it was well-marked.  We ended up at Levera/Bathway Beach because we did, in fact, miss the turn and it was, unusually, marked. We had actually intended to make our way to the coast afterwards, so it was a happy accident that we saw them in the order that we did.

We tried to go here:

But we ended up here:


  1. Oh, I (often) love getting lost. One of my favorite "where am I" discoveries occurred here:

  2. Gorgeous. I think being lost in the Caribbean should be a life's goal, as in, I hope someday to be lost in the Caribbean. Thanks for hopping!

  3. Hi dear,

    Could you send me your personal e-mail address and I'll send you the link to Bruce and Polly's FABULOUS little hide-away in Nevis.



  4. Well, I forgot to leave you my return address.


    I just looked at the links and the photos and I WOULD LOVE TO GO THERE. So simple and perfect for pure drinking in of beauty and sunshine. And a pool just steps outside the door. Write and I'll forward you the information.


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